Sources of the Nile Waters

The Nile is fed by the Great Lake Victoria which is in turn fed by several water sources, small and big. The continued decimation of the vegetative cover in these water sources is bound to impact negatively on the water volumes i Lake Victoria and by extension the upstream Nile.

Lake Victoria’s Rich History

Lake Victoria region has a rich history that has impacted world events. The interaction between Lake Victoria regions and the United States, for example, go way back to 1900.

Footprint of Jesus?

Not far from Lake Victoria is this mysterious footprint in solid rock that is said by the locals to be the footprint of Jesus.

Mysterious pool

The mysterious pool elevated over 600 metres above the lake Victoria water level. The pool whose depth is not ascertained, is said to have its level rise and fall with the tide of Lake Victoria  

The People of Lake Victoria

The people living around Lake Victoria are a very hospitable lot. Whether you meet them in a formal or informal environment, they will always make you feel welcome.

Land degradation

As the communities in the lands around Lake Victoria innocently go about their activities, they may be completely oblivious to how their isolated activities affect the waters of the lake in their neighbourhood.

Feeding Lake Victoria

The rivers feeding Lake Victoria were once nourished by a rich Equatorial forest cover in the north. Today, there are only remnants of this Equatorial forest that was once a part of the African Amazon forest that is the Congo Forest.

Greening homesteads

One sure way of re-afforesting the Hills that are the source of the water feeding Lake Victoria is to encourage community members to plant trees around their homesteads.

Fruits of Lake Victoria

Apart from the delicious fish, the land surrounding Lake Victoria produces some of the most succulent organic fruit in the world.

Reclaiming Victoria’s Crown

Overlooking Lake Victoria from the North are the Equator Hills that pour their waters into the Lake basin. These hills have since been striped of their crown of greenery. The Queen needs to have her crown back.